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Rafael Prieto (b. 1981, Mexico) is the Founder and Creative Director of Savvy, a New York and México City-based creative studio. Since founding Savvy in 2012, Prieto has brought his distinct perspective to the building of artistic, innovative and personal concepts in the arts, hospitality, retail, and more. Rafael is also the owner of Casa Bosques, an experimental, cult chocolate company, as well as Casa Bosques Books, an art-forward purveyor of literature in Mexico. He recently opened Pensión, a private guest house above the bookshop.

In the past year Prieto has been working on Marrow, a new lighting design studio, playing between function and sculpture. With Marrow, Prieto recently participated in internationally- acclaimed collectible design shows, including SIZED’s INDUSTRIALISM exhibition in the West Village, and MASA’s INTERVENCIÓN/ INTERSECCIÓN exhibition at Rockefeller Center.